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How Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health is accelerating action to protect our environment and address important human health challenges.

Our Healthy Lives Mission

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Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Brands Launch Reuse-and-Refill Packaging
Reuse-and-refill is one of a suite of solutions that consumer goods companies are introducing to facilitate more responsible use of packaging. Consumers expect companies to help make more sustainable consumption easier, while companies rely on consumers to embrace improvements to their products.
Clearing the Air: Nicorette’s Multi-Faceted Approach to Smoking Cessation
Ahead of World No Tobacco Day (May 31), Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health’s Carlton Lawson shares how Nicorette is fulfilling its commitment to free both its internal and external stakeholders from tobacco and nicotine.
How Stayfree and UNICEF Have Helped 1.7M Indian Girls Break Taboos Around Feminine Health
Cultural taboos, and lack of information and access to sanitary napkins, mean that menstruation still limits the lives of women and girls in many places. Stayfree and UNICEF developed a series of social and behavior-change initiatives to improve resources and understanding among girls, families and society.
Q&A: How to Foster Enterprise-Wide Engagement in Holistic Sustainability Strategies
In a keynote conversation at SB’21 San Diego, two leading execs in their respective industries — Katie Decker and Nancy Mahon — discussed how their sustainability strategies have been embedded within their businesses, as well as differences and similarities between the companies’ approaches.
The Most Successful, Sustainable Organizations Will Be Driven by Feminine Leadership
Cross-Posted from Leadership. An insightful panel discussion on women in leadership unearthed several critical traits for the type of leadership we need in a healthy, sustainable, equitable future — and signs that they’re beginning to transcend gender.
New Design Challenge Seeks Sustainable Solutions for Unit-Dose Medicine Packaging
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health developed its QuickFire Challenge platform to enlist students, entrepreneurs, researchers and startup companies to help tackle some of the most challenging problems in healthcare.
Healthier Supply Chains Supporting Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health’s Healthy Lives Mission
Achieving Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health’s Healthy Lives Mission requires its supply chains to be healthy, as well. Here, Worldwide VP of Supply Chain Meri Stevens shares insights gained from collaborating with suppliers to achieve agility in complex supply chains.
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Advances Field of Skincare for Cancer Patients
During oncology treatment, patients’ skin requires special care. Products such as Aveeno® Restorative Skin Therapy can help patients of all skin types avoid severe cutaneous adverse reactions, so they can focus on life-saving therapies.
Johnson’s Baby Overhauls Pumps in Packaging to Aid Recycling
By removing this small part of the packaging of Johnson's® Baby products, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health predicts it will keep 24M difficult-to-recycle pumps out of landfills each year – and that’s just the beginning. The company aims to strike a balance between consumers’ and the planet’s needs.
When Employees Embrace Sustainability, Game-Changing Ideas Happen
When cross-functional leads from the Nicorette® brand worked together to create innovative solutions and savings for the company, the business gained valuable insight on the necessity of inter-departmental collaboration for sustainability.
Committing to Compostable: Neutrogena’s Journey to Create a 100% Plant-Based Cleansing Cloth
Transitioning the market-leading Neutrogena make-up wipes to 100% plant-based fabric will massively increase the reach of the innovation, and illustrates the potential for transforming products across numerous brands and sectors. The company plans to share information about the new fabric with the industry.
Q&A: How Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Plans to Deliver on Its Healthy Lives Mission
We caught up with Katie Decker, Global President of Essential Health at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, to delve into the motivation behind the company’s ambitious, multifaceted mission and the practicalities of delivering on it.
How Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Fosters Healthy Lives
Watch the replay of a presentation by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health to learn how the Company is fostering healthy lives.
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Commits $800M to Improve the Health of People, Planet
The Consumer Health division of the world’s largest healthcare company has launched its Healthy Lives Mission — with a commitment to invest $800 million through 2030 to meet ambitious goals of improving people’s health while protecting the health of the planet.